Hello family, friends, and world!

The Redbud trees are blooming at the Full Moon Orchard! The Oklahoma Spring Wind and Rain are giving me time indoors to leap into building a website! This space is all about the seasons of the orchard, and what’s growing or not, the bugs and critters, and Mother Nature. My grandparents left me inspired to garden, and my mom is my constant knowledge resource and advisor.

Jewel’s Gardens began when I dedicated several flower and vegetable garden plots to honor my precious Grandma Jewel Goodman Ware several years ago. I started with her go-to, a bed of daylilies next to the creek, and then later planted a few “Black Jewel” blackberry plants. (photos coming soon)

The mainstay of the orchard are the Pecan tree’s, they’re still recovering from an ice storm in 2020. Orchard management consists of pruning, and floor management, and planting new fruit trees for now. A “Moonglow” pear tree was planted in 2017.

I want to share the love of gardening and photography, and hope you enjoy and get motivated to grow something!